Mirali's Nostalgic Journey Through The Cherished Celebration

If you grew up in Kerala, the memories of Onam's past are something that could stir a million beautiful memories. While dancing to shinkari melam with your friends in college or serving Sadhya at your office might be what it initially brings to mind, the memories from childhood often remain the most cherished Onam memories for most people. From wearing your new Onakodi to picking flowers with your parents and grandparents at ancestral homes and making pookalam with your cousins, they are formative moments that many hold close to heart. 

At Mirali, we take pride in drawing inspiration from our beloved Malayali roots and preserving the rich heritage of handloom artisanship. Our journey began with a vision to craft exquisite attire exclusively for children, cherishing their playful spirits and vibrant innocence. As we prepare to revel in the festivities of Onam, we thought we’d take you on a nostalgic journey through the cherished tradition of Pilleronam that many seem to have forgotten. This year, the festival fell on August 2nd, a surprisingly clear sunny day in the middle of monsoon. 


While Pilleronam - celebrated 27 days before the main event of Thiruvonam is not celebrated with as much fanfare these days, it is worthy of attention and much-needed revival. As marked by the name, this day in Karkidakam is an Onam celebration that is solely for the children. This heartwarming festival has always been especially dedicated to the little ones. 

Perhaps for many older Malayalis, they may have memories of celebrating this day with their cousins and neighbourhood friends, years ago. For them, it entailed dressing up in traditional attire, savouring a delectable Sadhya that might not be as extravagant but just as sumptuous and, playing games, gathering flowers and making pookalam.Children were given the responsibility of being little adults on this day, deciding what dishes should be part of their little sadhya, picking their own flowers for making pookalam, and playing games, dressing up in little mundu and pattu pavada and blouse, with the adults just watching on and helping to make the little ones’ Pilleronam plan come true. 



While Pilleronam is not celebrated as widely as it used to be, for us here at Mirali, Piller Onam has always been a favourite part of the lead-up to Onam. It is a day where innocence and mirth take centre stage and little ones are encouraged to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Since our inception as a children's wear brand, we have cherished the essence of Pilleronam and woven it into the fabric of our creations. At Mirali, we understand the significance of dressing children in attire that not only embodies the traditional charm but also reflects their bubbling personalities. We’ve run contests and created content that captures the heart of Pilleronam - the children, dressed in their best for Onam and enjoying all the joy that comes with the Onam season. 

Our Onam collection for kids is a harmonious fusion of classic Malayali styles and contemporary designs, handcrafted with love and care. Our team of artisans meticulously crafts each garment, ensuring comfort, quality, and impeccable style. From adorable Mundus to graceful Kasavu dresses, every piece in our collection is a celebration of our cultural heritage.

As you revel in the delightful memories of Pilleronam, we invite you to step into our enchanting world of Onam picks for kids. Browse through our vibrant collection and explore the perfect outfits for your little ones to embrace the festival with joy and flair. Whether it's the intricately designed Mundus for the boys or the mesmerising Kasavu dresses for the girls, each ensemble is a testament to the time-honoured artisanship of Kerala. These attires have been thoughtfully crafted to ensure that your children can indulge in the festivities comfortably while looking irresistibly cute and stylish.

Capture the essence of joy and tradition of this forgotten tradition with Mirali for your little ones.  

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Words by: Fathima Abdul Kader 

August 04, 2023 — Mirali Clothing