Aikyam is a part of our humble efforts to bring a change in the community by contributing to the betterment of the weavers of Balaramapuram. Lend a hand to touch the life of a weaver and support a declining craft!

The idea of a sustainable and socially conscious clothing line for children is what came to fruition in the brand of Mirali. In a world of fast fashion and consumerism, we tread with slow and eco-conscious steps, holding on to the hands of our South-Indian heritage. In each garment that we craft, we bring to you the best of tradition and modernity in a singular blend of elegance and comfort that only handwoven fabric can lay claim to.

All of our clothing line begin in the looms of Balaramapuram, where at the deft hands of the Saliyar weaver community are woven stories that encase the tradition of over two centuries. Embodying the values at the core of Mirali is our campaign “Aikyam”, launched with a view to bring to the limelight the forgotten glory of the handloom industry with a refreshing twist of high-fashion. Under this campaign featuring bespoke festive wear for your little ones as well as your family, thirty-percent of our sales proceeds are transferred to the Saliyar community. In furthering our vision of creating a mindful and eco-conscious consumer culture, we operate exclusively on a made-to-order basis to avoid stock and material wastage while bringing you unique poems woven to the desires of your heart.

When you choose to be a part of Mirali and Aikyam, not only do you join in our humble attempts to keep up nature’s harmony, but you also strike a happy note in the hearts of these weavers, as well as in ours! What we wear reflect who we are and with Mirali, let your little ones epitomise the values that we as a society strive to uphold.

Together, let’s consciously trace our steps back to nature and to our heritage, one attire at a time.


What is Aikyam?

The campaign “Aikyam” is the newest endeavour in the journey of Mirali towards sustainability. At the heart of every outfit, we create is the magic of the weaver’s skill and we prioritise the welfare of our source of sustainable raw materials – the Saliyar weaving community. Under this campaign, thirty percent of our sales proceeds from each attire that we craft for you are turned over to the Saliyar weavers to support their craft and industry. So when you become a part of Aikyam along with Mirali, you touch the life of a weaver and support a declining craft!

How can I be a part of this campaign?

Joining our campaign is as easy as one, two, three! Spread the word about Aikyam and its goal to support the handloom weavers and their skills. Go an extra mile in showing your love to these small producers and choose to gift your loved ones a Mirali outfit!

Where can I place order for the outfits?

To place orders with us, you can either go through our collection on the website and proceed to purchase on-site or simply DM us on Instagram with your preferences.

How is Urvi different from Aikyam?

Urvi features our exclusive Onam collection whereas Aikyam is a campaign launched by Mirali, under which we transfer 30% of our sales proceeds for the upliftment of the Saliyar weaver community. All of Mirali’s collections, including Urvi are a part of the Aikyam campaign.

When can I start placing my orders?

Orders can be placed from the 24th of June to the 15th of July.

When will the orders be dispatched?

The orders will be dispatched from the second week of August.

What is the normal delivery time?

The time taken for delivery varies according to the location of delivery. If within Kerala, it takes 2-3 days for delivery and if within India, 4-5 days. International courier can take upto 7-10 days for delivery from the date of dispatch.

Why is this campaign done?

The driving force behind Aikyam is our sincere desire to support the declining art of weaving, an exquisite yet overlooked part of South-Indian culture and heritage. Under Aikyam, 30% of our sales proceeds are given back to the Saliyar weaving community to sustain them and their craft.

What if I have to place a customised order?

We at Mirali gladly accept custom order requests. Nothing brings us more joy than your contentment with our creations!

If you have any request or queries, kindly email on and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

For quicker response, DM us on instagram @miraliclothing.


Rathu, Founder & Creator, Mirali

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