With the brightness of lighted lamps and the sweetness of festive cheer, the festival of lights is here once again. To lend extra sheen to your Diwali, Mirali brings you Ditvi, an assemblage of stellar outfits finished in resplendent fabrics of the best kind. Under Ditvi, our collections Rangkriti, Utsav and Pookkalam feature the softness of mul and the stateliness of handloom cotton. The Customisable Kanchipuram range takes it up a notch and lets you mix and match your festive look in an ideal blend of lustrous Kanchipuram silk and handloom cotton.

In this celebration of the triumph of good over evil, we offer you a sustainable way to stay fashionably aglow amidst the festivities this season.

Choose #MiraliforDiwali and let the light of sustainability lead the way.