Our Fabrics

With a heritage that goes back over 200 years, and with the laurel of having served to clothe the royalty of Travancore, the community of Saliyar weavers in Balaramapuram works nothing less than magic with their looms. What led Mirali to these masterful craftsmen is our endless zeal in the pursuit of perfection and an unwavering determination to make choices that are the gentlest on our environment, for at this weaving hub, each yard of cloth is woven with great care at manually operated pit looms from pure, natural cotton.
We source our fabrics directly from these craftsmen in a deliberate attempt to avoid middlemen, so that they can fully reap the fruits of their toil. All of our clothing is crafted at our own studio where we ensure the best of working conditions and fair wages to the artisans who lend us their precious skills. These choices on our part do raise the cost of production, but we embrace it is as the price we pay to ensure that we do what we do in the best of all possible ways.
Our collections Udbhavah, Varnam, Kerala Kasavu, Pookkalam and Appoopanthadi sing the glory of traditional handloom fabrics and along with Kanchipattu, our collection featuring Kancheepuram silk, are an ode to our South-Indian heritage