Mirali was launched to quench the thirst for equilibrium in a tussle between comfort, modernity and traditional roots. The core of our drive is in our deep seated love for all things South Indian – especially those fabrics that tell tales and make us feel delicate! The vistas that handloom fashion opens for our tiny-tots to be ahead and a part of the environment and sustainability conscious times that they are growing up in are tremendous. And this is the signature of Mirali’s soul – our handloom clothes that embody sustainability, eco-consciousness, high-fashion and of course the most comfortable traditional tinge! A perfect wardrobe has everything in it – and sometimes there would be those neatly folded pretty ones which are treasures beyond just moments – the ones that carry the weight of beautiful memories on their frills! That is what we at Mirali offer you! A perfect melange of colours, texture, design and elegance which makes your child stand out wherever she is – for elegance and beauty is timeless and starts from the first breatMirali was started in 2020 by two young entrepreneurs with a throbbing passion to weave stories with fashion. What you see in our clothes are in a way extensions of our souls- we give you only what we would love to see on ourselves and our children. The little moments of joy that we have when we see your tiny tots flaunt our creations is what we live for! It fills our hearts and makes our day like no other and that is the adrenaline rush that keeps us going! You are our happiness! You are our passion! Your perfection is our drive!
Every fabric that we use is handwoven by the weavers of Balaramapuram.It is believed to have been introduced in Kerala under the rule of His Highness Maharaja Balaramavarma. This brought about a revolution in the handloom industry by inviting members of the ‘Shaaliyar’ weavers’ community from Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu and offering them a place of respect and pride within the state. The weavers reciprocated by showing their gratitude by successfully
using the cotton available in the market to make hand-woven cotton garments for the royals of Travancore. However, times have been harsh to the handloom industries across Kerala and the floods of 2018 left them in a dismal state. One of our endeavours is also to resurge the past glory of the Balaramapuram weaver and eventually reach out to different handloom weaving communities in the state. Every dress that you buy from us is a helping hand extended to the
weaver community in their direst hour! They are part of our history and part of who we are as a cultural community. Let us make sure that they are not pushed into oblivion as we run behind fast fashion.
We owe it to our past and our future and through our clothes we aim at making each of your children a resounding beacon of hope for tomorrow and an ambassador of the past glory of handlooms in kerala. Let us together be the change!

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